Thai actress Mai Davika wears conical hat, enjoys Vietnamese pho


Mai Davika’s Flavorful Farewell: A Pho-tastic Goodbye to Vietnam

When the tantalizing aroma of pho fills the air, even celebrities like Mai Davika can’t resist the allure. The Thai-Belgian actress’s short yet memorable journey in Vietnam encompassed both fashion and flavors.

Setting the Scene
Fresh off the heels of a fashion show in Vietnam, Mai Davika found herself with a bit of time to spare before her flight back home. And what better way to bid adieu to Vietnam than to indulge in its culinary masterpiece?

Mai Davika’s Culinary Adventure

At a cozy restaurant nestled within the international terminal of Tan Son Nhat Airport, Mai was spotted savoring a bowl of chicken pho. Prepared in the southern style, the dish was adorned with fresh basil and crunchy bean sprouts.

Fashion and Flavors
While Vietnam’s vibrant fashion scene was undoubtedly a magnet for the stunning actress, it’s evident that the country’s culinary delights also left an indelible mark on her heart. And let’s face it, doesn’t food add flavor to our fondest memories?

The Unique Touch of Vietnamese Culture
In a heartwarming embrace of Vietnamese culture, Mai donned a non la, the iconic conical hat. As she delved into her bowl of pho, this gesture beautifully encapsulated her connection with Vietnam.

Mai Davika’s Facebook Memoir
The actress’s Facebook page soon lit up with a heartfelt message: “Love you Vietnam. It’s a short trip, but was full of good memories. Thank you for your warm welcome. I hope to come back soon.”

Who is Mai Davika?

For the uninitiated, Mai Davika is not just any visitor to Vietnam. A renowned Thai actress, model, and singer, she was featured among the top 100 most influential stars in Asia by Forbes magazine in 2020. Quite the accolade, right?

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The Pho Phenomenon
A discussion about Mai’s food escapade would be incomplete without diving a bit into pho itself. This dish, comprising soft rice noodles immersed in a fragrant broth, stands as a testament to Vietnam’s rich culinary heritage. From the bustling streets of Hanoi, where it originated, pho journeyed southward, getting infused with regional flavors along the way.

Hanoi vs. Southern Pho

While the Hanoi version is often celebrated for its simplicity, the southern variant, as Mai Davika relished, comes with its unique embellishments like basil and bean sprouts.

Cultural exchanges aren’t just about big events or official meetings. Sometimes, they’re about a bowl of soup, a traditional hat, and an actress’s heartfelt farewell. As Mai Davika’s trip shows, it’s these personal experiences that build bridges and foster mutual appreciation.


  1. Who is Mai Davika?
    Mai Davika is a celebrated Thai-Belgian actress, model, and singer.
  2. What is pho?
    Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup made with rice noodles and beef or chicken broth.
  3. What’s the difference between Hanoi and southern pho?
    Hanoi pho is simpler, while the southern version often includes additional ingredients like basil and bean sprouts.
  4. Why did Mai Davika wear a conical hat?
    The non la is a symbol of Vietnamese culture, and wearing it was Mai’s way of embracing and celebrating that culture.
  5. How long was Mai Davika in Vietnam?
    Mai had a brief trip to Vietnam, primarily for a fashion show.