That’s against the rules, fe! What to pay when a company has what it wants

He didn’t, but he did. Employees often complain that some companies take the work only as a recommendation. How to deal with endless practices?

Labor inspectorates can give employees

Don’t pay me for passports, don’t give me a vacation, refuse to handcuff me, throw me out unjustifiably. These are just some of the staff. It seems that some employers do not break their heads at the end of the work.

In addition to the passage, a typical tour is, for example, unpaid travel expenses. The employer thus often, without the consent of the employees, transfers their personal data to other entities, including you abroad, to name the most common home of domestic companies, lawyer Tom Blek, a partner of the law firm Dentons.

For example, in addition. How many j sm nadzen chtt?
Employers often forget that the transfer work should be exceptional and should be offered only for external operational reasons. Lots of them pass the vnm like something and requires them automatically. The employer can save work for a maximum of eight hours in individual weeks and a total of 150 hours in a calendar year. As an employee, I am obliged to perform such work in addition to this limit. However, if it should be a passport in the large range, then as an employee I can refuse. If I agree, the total work carried out in a calendar year – including 150 hours – may not exceed 416 hours. On average, eight hours a week.

Many companies boast that two employees are allowed one extra week as a benefit. But some do not allow them to take time off at all.
The employer must allow the employee to take leave in the year in which he became entitled to it. If this does not work, the employee will not lose the days off and must allow them to be used up by the end of the following year at the latest. If it is not used by the end of June of that year, the employee must set it and the employer must comply. This means that the employee notifies the employer in writing at least two weeks in advance when he takes the holiday, and the enthusiast must accept it. If there is a problem here too and the employee is not allowed to take time off, he should contact the labor inspector.

How should an employee behave who finds out that a company owes something illegal?
I recommend that you first contact your supervisor, or the management of the company, and ask for an explanation and correction. If he is not at home, he should contact the supervisory authority: labor inspection, financial office, social security administration, personal data protection office…

What advice would you give to an employee, his / her employer to force you to lie to clients, the secret fact of the adm, or even fraud?The line between the infinite and the infinite one is quite thin. Unfortunately, we meet the unfortunate one, lying and secrecy daily. They are industries, such as the banking sector, the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry, in which the sanction and disability are strictly one. However, there are a number of control mechanisms in them, both internally in companies and also externally within industry associations. If someone thinks that their employer needs to behave unhappily, they should in doubt report to their manager or his superior. If this does not lead to a correction, it is necessary to notify the statutory body of the company and you to the ethics committee. And the employee should, of course, know if he wants to continue working in such companies.

The employer sometimes promises candidates mountain mines when accepting women, but in practice it turns out that much of this is not true. How to do it?
Candidates should ask their future employers for a job offer in writing. Consequently, all material conditions of employment should be included in the employment contract or other written agreement with the employer. Thus, a reference to the company’s internal regulations may be included in the employment contract and other agreements. Internal regulations are binding for both employers and employees.

How to arm ikan on the part of the employer? When, for example, he does not want to handcuff workers to work, he requires early work-ups, even if it is necessary, not to pause for a period.
Tm employer called violates the con. If the employee fails to file a complaint with the supervisor or the management of the company, he should file a complaint with the labor inspectorate to investigate this, arrange for a correction, or impose a fine. I am asking for my first sentences to pay the codes in court. For employers, where the work of the organization’s unions, it is common that employees with these skills turn to the union representative. In the case of companies from multinational groups, they can turn their suggestions to an internal ombudsman or to an internal ethics officer.

How often do labor disputes end in court and what is my employee against the company?
According to our experience, employees are most often tried on the invalidity of termination of employment, on the payment of overtime, on the payment of health benefits caused by work and sick leave, on the validity and invalidity of competition clauses, including paid financial compensation. I would not say that in recent years, the number of cases where an employee turns to the employer against the employer is growing sharply. In labor disputes, the burden of proof is often reversed: even if an employee outperforms his employer, it is a company that must prove in court that something happened or did not happen. When conducting a dispute, employees’ chances are relatively high.