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Compared to the year, there were more and more jobs than five jobs. New people want the company’s industries first, they hire mainly specialists. Unemployment will catch up in the autumn. At the end of the year, it freezes.

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Analysts agree that ev ptch mscch should reduce the number of people without work. “During the autumn, unemployment could reach 7.5 percent, although the full end of the year will bring the season to deteriorate,” said analyst Tom Vlk of Patria Finance.

In the spring of this year and the activities of companies, the direction in which the world economy finally turns out will be fully influenced.

June and July were favorable for the unemployed

While July unemployment, due to the failure of some seasonal jobs, rose slightly to 8.2 percent, according to information from the company’s personal advertisement, they hired new employees during the summer.

There has been a lot of work on the Internet, for example, on specialized websites. In addition to this, the advertisement is confirmed by a series of jobs, which as of July registered 38.9 thousand vacancies, which is 500 more than in June and about 1,500 more than in May.

“We recorded the highest number in June, by 20 percent compared to the average, then to go in July, the number compared to the average was 10 percent,” said Lenka Volkov from the job portal

Also according to LMC, which operates Prce job portals. cz and, the number of job advertisements in July increased by twenty percent compared to the previous year. In June, he gave an announcement of growth of as much as 36 percent.

They were advertised by industrial companies

“It may happen that companies now also have glasses a few months ago. They open new positions more often, advertise more, but they are still very careful in the selection itself, ”to Darina Farkasov from the staff and consulting company Farkasova & Partners, who focuses on finding top managers and specialists.

According to our traditional traditions, such as trade, finance and administration, this is the case of major cities in Prague.

This year, the industry, which was very sunny in the first half of the year, strongly contributed to the advertisements. This is especially evident in the Czech regions. “Yes, in terms of industries, companies are now most often looking for new employees, the most significant growth has been in the fields of production and industry, engineering and thus information systems and technologies,” said Ondej Mysliveek, an analyst at LMC.

The company’s industry, especially in the field of production, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, demanded new employees the most in the Olomouc and Liberec regions.

“By unloading, we do not increase the number of employees, but also specialists, constructors, adjusters, saws and paint shops. The interest in such people is definitely increasing, ”said Ji Belinger, manufacturer of garden technology Vari and vice-president of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and R.

According to him, companies are still very careful. “Even because of the end of work, the company is now refraining from accepting new ones. So offer offers for a definite period, most often for one year, “to Belinger. According to him, companies will be reluctant in the future. We are now closely monitoring the possible effects of the economic cooling and debt crisis in other parts of Europe, Italy and Spain, as well as the development of the stock market turmoil.

“Our main business partner, Germany, is going by time, but more slowly, it was not expected. Everyone is obese, pensions are shy, “concluded Belinger.