The appeal of harvest period near Sa Pa

Throughout this time around in Bat Xat Area, Lao Cai District, harvest season arises with warm tranquillity as well as impressive views.

Fall is the start of harvest period in Bat Xat Area, about 80 kilometres north Sa Pa community. This is also one of the most lovely period of the year in the north highlands, with terraced areas tinted gold.

Bat Xat Area has more than 3,000 hectares of terraced rice areas, with those in neighborhoods like Ngai Thau and also Y Ty thought about one of the most sensational developments of the ethnic Hmong and Hani farmers.

In Ngai Thau, site visitors can experience the vast terraced fields on the perilous mountainsides and also distant valleys. On over cast days, the scenery here turns much more magical.

The terraced areas in Y Ty are covered in clouds, developing a stunning scene.

Across the balconies stand trademark Hani residences. This particular house is made of clay, cool in summer as well as cozy in winter.

Harvest season at the foot of Ky Quan San Hill produces an overwhelmingly magnificent scene. The Ky Quan San mountain range is located on the boundary of Lai Chau and also Lao Cai, with the 3,046-meter high Ky Quan San peak the fourth highest in Vietnam.

This year, rice fields in Lao Cai turn gold very early as well as unevenly. In Muong Hum neighborhood of Bat Xat, the harvest has currently started.

A Hani lady carries her sis next to a fire in Choan After that, one of the oldest towns in Bat Xat.

An additional highlight of Bat Xat in harvest season is the highland commune Sang Ma Sao. In the Hmong language, Sang Ma Sao describes the Mao Ga (chicken comb) chain of mountains, which is also the name of the Hmong village situated at its foot.

Farming has transformed this place into a valley of winding terraced areas, bordered by stunning hills. The large valley covered in yellow colors develop an unlimited appeal.

Harvest period moves via the valleys, illuminating a whole corner of the sky. Nonetheless, this glorious scene does not last long, normally just two to three weeks. Visitors that wish to take pleasure in the terrific sights require to time their journey right. Harvest season comes early and is anticipated to end in mid-September.

The cozy and abundant appeal emerges with every grain of rice. This area is extra gorgeous in the morning when dew drops still hang from the leaves. If fortunate, tourists will certainly be able to see the clouds between the terraced fields, which many compare to a paradise.

To get to Sang Ma Sao, site visitors can begin with Sa Pa, about 60 kilometers away. The trip to Sang Ma Sao is additionally a memorable experience since site visitors can stop to take pictures at any moment as they can conveniently identify the rice balconies in the process.