The confusion of driving schools

If you want to get your driver’s license these days, you don’t just have to deal with missing courses and exam dates. The costs for the driver’s license are also very confusing – and difficult to compare.

Two driving school cars in traffic in Hamburg.

Ssummer vacation – but no travel plans, so it makes sense for some young people to use the time to get their driver’s license. Alone: ​​The otherwise popular “driving license camps” and compact offers from driving schools with package deals are hard to find this year. Due to the corona-related regulations, the driving schools cannot fill their rooms with students at will. Often there are currently only five to seven chairs set up in the area where usually more than 20 candidates follow the theory lesson. “It’s not worth a compact course,” says the employee of a driving school for the sixteen-year-olds who came with her mother to register. It is therefore unclear whether she will be able to take the theoretical and practical exams before her 17th birthday in autumn. Because for theory lessons you have to register at most institutes at short notice from day to day – and then you are only lucky enough to get a place.

But to do this, you first have to have decided on a driving school. The question of how many theory lessons are offered daily is an interesting factor. Another is how many vehicles and instructors are available. Because it ultimately depends on whether you can also complete the practical hours in a manageable period of time after the theory.