The natives are lunatic and personal, warns tourists a travel contract

So are you one of those people who don’t like the terms of the contract? You should help yourself. Not only will you learn a lot of useful information, but you can also have fun.

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The first of the consumer magazines dTest drew attention to several ridiculous formulations in travel agency contracts. You can find out that there will be no drowsiness in the room, ie the local staff is lighter and the local population is above average noise.

“There is nothing final or flawed about these provisions. It is only a way of including them in the first document, which are the contractual conditions, it can only be somewhat out of date, ”explains Jan Votoka, the magazine’s first consultant. It is possible that this is in fact a very ridiculous provision, which may have no support in the first place, they are also on the contrary, they show what customers should prepare for when traveling with a certain travel agency.

“To protect the consumer, the travel agency is instructed to first inform the client of all the details of the trip. First, in response to some specific complaints from clients, the travel agencies came to a detailed description of the general conditions in order to avoid possible misunderstandings and disputes, ”said the travel agency Tomio Okamura, a spokesman for the Association of Czech Travel Agencies.

Pette, who was interested in the elements of the magazine with a commentary by Jan Votoka:

In most accommodation facilities there is no soap in the bathrooms.

  • An interesting example of what gets into the contractual conditions and it is a relatively unnecessary provision, which arose probably from the complaint of some clients in the absence of fainting. If clients put their problems, for example, on missing runners, staples, detergents, doormats in front of the entrance, the question is whether the travel agency would immediately place it in the conditions.

Most of the beaches are public and accessible to the city, for our ideas often to the general population.

  • Other nations may be worse, who doesn’t mind, who likes it, and whoever’s up to it. Very special. Noise can be found practically anywhere, even in a campsite in the Czech Republic. If it is also very high, for example during the night in the hotel, the customer has the first discount on the price of the trip.

Please take into account the level and speed of services provided in the accommodation facility in response to the customs and mentalities of the population of the country.

  • Otherwise, you will wait for the food and do nothing about it. You can come across ln personl practically anywhere. You should spend your vacation in peace, so where to take a shower?

It is necessary to meet often with less experience and a certain laziness of the staff, but on the other hand often with a very friendly and pleasant approach.

  • The customer does not forget, but you will smile at him again. The travel agency will not choose a service provider cheaply and without patina.

Customers who have a public claim may also be excluded from the transport of the bag (verbally attack another person, or express themselves vulgarly and rudely, for the sake of approval, etc.).

  • An example of how ethical standards get to the first. It tells about the declining border of the morl of the common people. However, decency should be a matter of course and I doubt that rude people this established discouragement. In addition, the party can be excluded directly on the basis of other provisions of civil law.

Exotic lands include vudyptomn insects. Due to the intensive efforts of hotels and local areas, insects can also occur in hotel areas during certain periods. It is not recommended to leave food free in the room.

  • To clean the food one after the other, belong to the hygienic habits. In any case, remember the so-called Frankfurt tables and the badly bad compensation.

Transport of baby corks: In accordance with the Transport Conditions, the cork in the packaging must be transported. Cork packaging is sold and their price is definitely negligible compared to cork prices.

  • The price of the packaging is definitely not the price of the trip. This is probably a case of prevention of cork damage during transport. Customers should be able to point out not to buy them. On the other hand, if the crust is damaged, it is a question of who is responsible for me and in how.