The number of unemployed increases slightly in December

The increase was not as strong as usual in December, said employment agency boss Scheele. A little more short-time work was also registered compared to November.

Still close: Restaurants are also likely to remain closed for the time being.

Dhe number of unemployed in Germany rose by 8,000 to 2.707 million in December compared to the previous month. Compared to December 2019, the number rose by 480,000, as the Federal Employment Agency announced on Tuesday in Nuremberg. The unemployment rate remains at 5.9 percent.

“The number of unemployed people rose in December, but not as much as usual this month,” said the Federal Agency’s chairman, Detlef Scheele. “The demand from companies is stabilizing at a low level,” he emphasized. The measures in the fight against the corona pandemic are driving short-time working in Germany up again. From December 1 to 28, the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg received advertisements on short-time work for 666,000 people. In November there were 627,600 advertisements. “The advertisements for short-time work have increased again – but only to a limited extent,” explained Scheele.

Training market also hit

In March, at the height of the first corona lockdown, it was still over ten million. As a rule, short-time work is not implemented for all registrations. In fact, 1.99 million people were on short-time work in October – after almost six million in April. More recent data on the short-time work actually implemented are not yet available.

Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) stated after the figures were presented: “In view of the severity of the economic challenge resulting from the corona pandemic, the labor market is showing itself to be resilient.” The measures to overcome the crisis had an impact. “I see a realistic chance that the economy will recover again from summer 2021 and gain significant momentum,” continued Heil.

The corona crisis is also affecting the training market. From October to December, 73,000 young people were still looking for an apprenticeship. That is 12,000 more than a year ago. There were 72,000 registered apprenticeships.