The railway announces online refunds

Deutsche Bahn customers have been waiting for this option for years, and now the time has come: From June 1, they can also claim their money back online in the event of delays.

From June there will be an alternative to the analogue passenger rights form of the railway.

WIf you want to have part of the fare reimbursed after a train delay at Deutsche Bahn, you no longer have to go to the mailbox or the travel center. From June 1, the group will be offering the analog reimbursement application as well as the option of claiming the money online via the rail app. “In future, reimbursement via smartphone will be child’s play and done with just a few clicks in five minutes,” said rail manager Richard Lutz on Monday. “Our customers no longer have to search for train numbers or submit tickets. With this we make the compensation a lot easier. “

Until now, travelers had to print out the so-called passenger rights form after a delay, fill it in and send it to the group by post. You could also submit the application to one of the travel centers in the train stations. For years, customers have criticized the elaborate procedure, after all, the group is committed to digitization.

Numerous start-ups even sensed a niche in the market and offered a corresponding online service themselves: Customers submit their delay and train data digitally to the companies, and the companies take care of the analogue mail service for a commission. Now the group is following suit.

The entire digital distribution system is being rebuilt

Online reimbursement is only part of the general restructuring of the digital distribution systems at Deutsche Bahn. The group is gradually converting and expanding its app, the DB Navigator. It has long been possible to book digital train tickets through it. 80 percent of all bookings are now processed online, it said. For some time now, travelers have also had the option of checking in on trains using their mobile phones. The automatic transfer of reservations in the event of an unscheduled train change is now possible.

The new reimbursement option does not mean the end of the passenger rights form, emphasized the railway. If you want, you can continue to claim your money back using the analogue route. The amount of the reimbursement does not change either: if you are delayed by one hour, Deutsche Bahn will transfer a quarter of the original fare back, and half if you are two hours or more.

The Pro Bahn passenger association supports the new option. “It is part of a modern railway that you can fill out this reimbursement form electronically,” said honorary chairman Karl-Peter Naumann of the German press agency. “It is important that the railway also continues to offer the analog passenger rights form. There are still many people who prefer this route. “