The rapper with the Corona app

He became famous as part of the Fantastischen Vier, now Smudo is causing a stir with the Luca app. This is less surprising than it might seem at first glance.

Smudo with Anne Will at the end of February

In these days Smudo talks faster than usual, almost faster than he usually raps. He only pauses once in a conversation – when it comes to the Chancellor. On Wednesday, directly after the federal-state negotiations, she said in her usual cumbersome way: “We will work on installing electronic contact tracking, especially for visits to events, outdoor restaurants and the like, which are selected nationwide by the federal states Then Merkel added: “You know the Luca system as an example.”

That was really nice, says Smudo, whose real name is Michael Bernd Schmidt. The 53-year-old is best known as part of the German hip-hop pioneers Die Fantastischen Vier. He’s been promoting Luca for five months now – and for a few weeks he’s been so successful with it that his phone doesn’t stop ringing. Because these days, the health ministers of the federal states are discussing whether Luca should soon be introduced nationwide in Germany. If it actually comes to that, Smudo and his colleagues have overcome the first, the biggest hurdle. “The countries will decide on such a system in the short term,” Merkel said on Wednesday. If they actually agree on Smudo’s project – the Prime Minister of Saxony is still hesitant – all 377 health authorities are to be connected to Luca within the next few weeks.