The delivery service wants to give restaurants a hand with their own websites. There should be 50,000 in Germany alone. Is that still the service of a market leader – or is it already being pushed out?

A familiar picture in German city centers.  A Lieferando driver drives Essen.

Lieferando reaches hungry users from several sides. Customers can search for and order restaurants via their own app and on the Internet, where the platform receives a commission of 13 percent. If the delivery to the customer is made by a Lieferando driver, the restaurateurs pay 30 percent. On Thursday, after research by the “Bayerischer Rundfunk”, it became known that the food retailer, which belongs to the Dutch online provider Just Eat Takeaway, operates up to 50,000 of its own websites in Germany that are amazingly similar to the restaurants on offer. The suspicion is that Lieferando uses these “shadow websites”, which are also prominently placed in the Google search engine, to tap consumers directly in order to generate orders via its platform.

This business practice goes beyond the borders of Germany. Just Eat Takeaway has registered more than 120,000 domains all over Europe, which are similar to the addresses of the restaurants, shows an evaluation on behalf of the “BR”. In Germany, order functions are stored on almost 18,000 pages, the remaining 32,000 should at least contain the Lieferando logo.