Australian Chancellor of the Exchequer Josh Frydenberg is Australia’s man for the tough jobs. in the dispute with Facebook he pulled the car out of the mud.

Josh Frydenberg

Ja, they all exist. The stories about his dog Fonzi. The stories about his wife Amie and their two children Gemma and Blake. And the one about his near-career as a professional tennis player. But what is really gripping is the one that shows the Chancellor of the Exchequer of Australia from a very bitter, touching side: Josh Frydenberg in his Jewish faith and in coming to terms with the suffering that happened to his ancestors. His paternal grandparents emigrated to Australia in the 1930s, starting with nothing. His mother’s parents, Sam and Ethel Strauss, were unable to escape the Nazis in Hungary and were locked in the Budapest ghetto. His great-grandparents and numerous relatives were victims of the Shoah.

His “Jewish identity” shaped him deeply, says Frydenberg: “It defined the values ​​that drive me today: family, education, justice and especially learning from history.” He described his visit to Auschwitz in 2015 as one of the “ most moving moments “of his life. In his inaugural speech as a parliamentarian in Canberra in 2010, Frydenberg bowed to all the victims of the National Socialists.