There are high fines for annoying advertising offers, you take them actively

Phone and electronic computers often bring us to life. For example, when an e-mail box is filled in due to advertising offers, or an intrusive voice is heard from the phone, you receive an e-mail offer. But you don’t need or want any of that at all.

Unwelcome call with ad declined

When Mr. Eva postponed one internet discussion, she stopped desperate to pick up her mobile phone and got a good job offer, advice and experience just flocked.

“When they told me the call was hot, I replied that they would heat it up and hang up for a moment,” one discussing. He gave another piece of advice: “Say you’re out of work, or mates, and they’ll give up.” At the same time, according to the first rejection, it should be enough for them to stop sacrificing.

Pay attention to what you confirm

Advertising emails can reach you for several reasons. First of all, they are actually published news, you have agreed to receive them by ordering them on the Internet, or by answering in some surveys and competitions. Here, the advice is simple and easy to help.

When you receive an advertising e-mail, you will find a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter at the bottom of the page. Click on it and either the discovery is confirmed directly on the monitor or you will get it in the pot. He gave ads from ttofirma u should not walk. “You can find out about some of the company’s information services that you can only get various commercial communications by electronic mail if you have given your consent,” explains lawyer Tom Pelikn.

It is a bit more complicated in the case that the advertising option is not revealed in the advertising e-mail, even though the merchant is obliged to offer this option free of charge. Then you will not be able to develop activity and write or call directly to the company and reject the advertisement in the first place.

Unissued e-mails run, even if you did not confirm the news

By agreeing to the business conditions, which is necessary for you to confirm the order of goods, you are sometimes exposed to another attack of advertising e-mails. In this case, this magic formula – I agree to the provision of personal data for marketing processing. According to Jan Votoka, an advisor to the Obansky consumer association Test, they are the first personally valuable business item, and therefore it does not take long and it is possible to make a difference in this way. The rest allows it.

“As a prevention, I would recommend disagreeing with the passages of business conditions, where the customer will forward two consent to the processing of their personal data.
to marketing members, or subsequently revoke their consent, ”advises Votoka.

But how to do it when the Internet simply does not agree with the st? Either or nothing, there is no other option. “In a personal meeting, the exchange of disagreements with the processing of personal data on marketing elements should be simple. When shopping online, it is necessary to agree to the conditions with one tick box and it is a technical and practical problem to exchange the disagreement. In such cases, it is advisable to contact the internet seller by phone, or to express this disagreement for the recipient via the web interface, initially for the recipient, under the condition that the contract has not been concluded, ”recommends Jan Votoka.

If the merchant doesn’t respect you enough, you can turn to ad
for the protection of personal data. You can find the formula quite a bit on the internet pages.

When you don’t know the sender

The problem is usually with spam, when the sender is not known. It can be conveniently generating sweat from the other side of the world.

In such a case, you have no one to tell anyone that you do not want to worry about it at first, but at least continue to defend yourself for some of your personal data and you may not be able to close your computer. Tips on how to deal with spam and avoid it can be found here.

You must reject an ad over the phone in advance

It is difficult to avoid annoying offers and services over the phone. “Regulating the regulation of the advertisement, however, forbids and does not publish the advertisement if the address is obscure and thus if it leads to the address of the address. But only those that you have clearly and intelligibly rejected before are considered to be an annoying advertisement, ”explains Tom Pelikn. Con therefore prohibits advertising and the moment the hell in the word disagree.

How best to agree with us, what do you not even have to offer? ”The best thing is to have information entered in your public telephone directory that you do not want to contact the contact for marketing offers. inspection by Miloslav Flglov. Phonebooks are not limited to landlines, they are also maintained by mobile operators.

When this happens, even though the company offers an offer with the offer, you can contact a Czech telecom, who is then one to take action against your will. However, you will not succeed here if the company allows you to, for example, an anonymous SIM card.

You did not reject the offer in the list, but do not care about advertising

What to do in case you don’t have marketing offers listed, or don’t you? Then you will have to petrpt the first phone call, make a note of the name of the company and then send the best written rejection of further offers. When the phone is monitored, usually by mobile operators and banks, the company should even reject the wall.

Please make sure that the rejection of further advertising is really due to the person to whom you have given consent to the processing of personal data, for example to a mobile operator. often this agency is not rejected. In order for the disagreement to apply, you must contact the operator.

When the rejected company does not accept, and vol again, metes with enough help to turn to pslun krajsk ivnostensk ad. He then fined the company and two million crowns.

“Such an act is to be considered an aggressive business practice, and the consumer protection law can be turned to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority,” warns Miloslava Flglov.