During the party congress, the American president presents his priorities for a second term. It’s all about the economy, the pandemic – and China.

Donald Trump and Vice Mike Pence at the Republican Convention.

WITHMillions of new jobs, lower taxes, independence from China: American President Donald Trump published a list of “core priorities” for a second term during the Republican party conference. It essentially includes economic policy goals, the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and other measures against China.

In it, however, Trumps also promises to better equip the American police, for example, to bring American troops back to the United States or to induce other countries to increase defense spending. In addition, the United States should be at the forefront when it comes to setting up the new 5G cellular standard, establishing a permanent human presence on the moon and launching the first manned mission to the planet Mars.

The first specific item on the program is “ten million new jobs in 10 months”, the second “one million new small businesses” and the third lower taxes. Without giving details, it also lists the goal of providing tax incentives for goods made in America.

Trump’s campaign team has added a number of goals in the fight against corona to the priorities relating to the labor market: A vaccine should be available by the end of the year, and the “return to normal” will begin next year.

There is also a separate section in which Trump explains that and how he wants to decouple the United States from China. Trump wants to “bring back” one million industrial jobs from China to America. Companies that relocate production from China to the United States should receive tax relief. On the other hand, companies that outsource production to China should no longer receive public contracts.

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How Trump wants to achieve the listed goals, how extensive he wants to reduce taxes, for example, and how this is financed is not included in the list. There is also no information on the financing of the other points.