They were not full of business. They did not give up and started a big project

Organize mobile children’s corners in companies, at exhibitions and fairs or, for example, at weddings. Run a center for active birth, a shared office with a mini-bike and courses for business and personality development. The clientele has grown and the company is slowly moving into ernch sel. But the arrests were not easy at all.

Hana Krej

Hana Krej founded her first company together with her brother on a high bike, and then they devoted themselves to graphic design. We did not have much ambition to do business and earn pensions, we wanted to learn new things. We didn’t even have the bottom strategy, we didn’t enjoy our business, we also basically did everything our clients wanted, remembering the arrests of Hana Krej. She worked in a family business for fifteen years and wanted to work there for a long time, but the problem arose when her second daughter was born. I wanted both, my work, which I enjoyed, but at the same time I wanted to dedicate myself to the children I needed, k.

At that time, it occurred to her to set up a family center, where the children would play and the family would work, a shared office or coworking. She started working on the project, did market research and spread information about what she was up to. Pavlna Brandowsk was one of those interested in the project, and she was originally looking for a job at Baby Office. In the end, she decided to join the project as an accomplice.

How were your arrests?
Hana: When I remember that time, it was one big ride. The start of our business was such an adrenaline rush. It was very early, we had a relatively strong media support, a wide circle of our acquaintances welcomed us, all of us for a while and cheered on us.
Pavlna: For a long time we were looking for suitable premises, we needed to combine working space with land for children and we wanted large spaces at an affordable price. In the end, we managed to find a family house with a garden in Michle.
Hana: We have invested a huge amount of time in the preparation phase of the project. We grinded the project for less than a year, prepared it, looked for partners and the method of implementation.

In 2012, you even won Rozjezdy. What did that mean for vs?
mother: The loss in the Prague round The start for us was the main impulse, for which we actually opened after our preparations. It was a huge motivation for us and it gave us confidence. We always managed to convince the jury to select among so many great projects first. Thanks to that, we also won the first big order for a St. Nicholas party.

You’ve invested no more than a million in your business arrest. That’s quite enough.
Hana: It doesn’t seem like that, but when you spot it, only my house in Michle ns cost about fifty thousand msn. We had to invest in rights and equipped space. We let ourselves fly away, too, and we thought that thanks to the beautiful and functional space, we would get customers. We took the reception right from the meeting so that we could focus on the development of the project. We also paid good shakes, because we always relied on the fact that our services must be of good quality.

How did they find out about vs?
Hana: I myself also with internet marketing, we also took care of the promotion on a large scale, we invested a lot in publicity. At that time, a lot was written about our project in the media.
Pavlna: We received a lot of media support after the crack of the Rozjezdy competition, which occurred when the walls of the subsidized traffic started. Mdia rda advertised information about the service, which is free. This helped us get into the consciousness of the parents.

Did we manage to get a subsidy from the European Funds, how did it help me?
mother: When the values ​​change, it slows us down in development. Yes, thanks to the subsidy we were seen, the subsidy covered half the cost. The only condition of the subsidy was that clients who used the services for free were not allowed to mess with those who started paying them. Also formed gave expenses with the right space. In addition, it turned out that those who drank the services to try for free will not stay and do not want to pay for them. Platc clientele came to us in other ways. So the customers of us came and went to us, but not in the way we needed to make the project sustainable.
Pavlna: The people started to go to the subsidy and paid, they gradually managed to fill the stamp. I wasn’t very interested in coworking, the communicated office, which was the first death. We found out that my mother prefers to go to the bowling alley and goes to arrange things for herself that she doesn’t have with children.
Hana: The subsidy has the disadvantage that the parameters have been set, which you must meet under any conditions. Even if in practice you find out that things do not work as you imagined, you still have to do it. It took our energy to do what we wanted, instead of doing business.

When we get back to school, did you open up in April 2013, what did it look like?
Pavlna: It wasn’t a day of glory, at first we thought the only problem was that most mothers had a good day or a long time before the end of the school year and it would start.
Hana: But when, right after the first few months, the results compared to business were very large, we saw that we had to change our strategy.

Was it hard to admit that the original business change did not materialize?
Hana: It was definitely not easy. I was convinced that I had found a second in the market. But it turned out that business mothers or mothers who have a home office and are willing to go out of the house for coworking are not enough to enjoy the project.
Pavlna: Admitting that this is not an independent economically sustainable project and that some things do not go according to our ideas, swaying and taking a step aside was tk. But when it happened, they were very relieved.

You have grown into other and cheaper ones space to crack Kri. How have you changed into a business model? Did you enjoy the activities?
It could be that our activities are even me. In an effort to maximize the enlightenment of our project and the darkness of the work and family life, we had the urgent need to take advantage of the ugliness that flickered around us and to engage in various activities in various directions. But then it was clear that we had to concentrate energy in one direction.
Hana: We will still offer all activities in one city under one roof and under the sign, but we left some to an independent business entity, which turned out to be the right decision. The minicycle flourishes under the leadership of the new owner, because I have enough time and energy for promotion. As well as training courses for entrepreneurs, which are in charge of a skilled mother. Pavlna and I began to fully dedicate ourselves to the implementation of children’s mobile corners.

What is a children’s mobile corner and who did it occur to?
Pavlna: I probably didn’t start a business with Hanka, I worked as a volunteer in a family center. At that time, we had a way for presentations, and it occurred to me that there were children’s trade fairs, where parents come with children, but when they have a hanging on the walls, they are probably shopping. So I came up with a children’s corner, a space where we will take care of the children, and thanks to that, our center will have advertising. Together with Hanka, we then figured out how to move this case dl.
Hana: Mobile children’s corners was an activity that we initially considered only marginal, but over time it turned out that the first implementation of various programs for families with children is what we can do not only with love and talent, but in such a way that it enjoys us.

So is it about mobile children’s corners?
Hana: It is, and not only at exhibitions and fairs. We are constantly improving and expanding the service of mobile children’s corners, and we also carry out children’s days, St. Nicholas and outdoor events for companies. It is also a good move, when the company needs a parent to get to work on the weekend and tell them, drink with dtma, it will be an interesting program for them. And we are able to enter, we also have our inventory, games, slides, houses, we will import it and we will invent and secure the program.
Pavlna: Nejvc ns t e ezzky pibvaj. And most importantly, repeat yourself. We have been at some trade fairs for a year.

So do you dig up?
Hana: At present, we cover all operating costs and pay rewards.

Pavlna: When I turn it on for hours, we should definitely not give me any employees (smch).

You have invested more than a million crowns in the arrest of your business, do you think that your investment will be drilled?
Hana: A decision is made. In addition, because we launched such a large project, we have moved a lot not only professionally but also humanly. We are much more responsible, we are aware of various contexts that hunters do not miss. And so humble, because we know how much force it costs to build anything. We know that do not speed up the start of the company. You need to work hard.

What are you up to lto? Do you have any orders or do you have holidays?
Pavlna: Go to the dark for more days with your family, but we get dark in the office and have orders even during the holidays. For clients, we organize pmstsk teams in companies, we rent equipment for children’s events and we prepare Family Days, ie corporate events for families with children.
Hana: We are preparing autumn events here. And, of course, we are still looking for new partners for the implementation of mobile children’s corners.

What does it look like today with coworking, ie shared office?
Hana: Even coworking works today, although we do not have clients who would rent an office for every day, but we have a number of mothers who have ordered an office for you two days a week.
Pavlna: And lately pibv i tatnk. I would even say that it is so pl to pl.

Don’t you regret your decision to do business?
Hana: I have never known anything but business, I also have no comparison. And even though we broke through for a while, I never regretted it. On the contrary, today we know that mainly nron and tk move us forward for a while.
Pavlna: This is it, I always had an employee until I met Hanka. But my business was frightened and I certainly do not regret it. We met people I wouldn’t have met otherwise and learned a lot. It’s too busy, I didn’t imagine it. But the euphoria in the moments when it works, and let’s move towards customs, is worth it.