Tourism insiders call for new visa policy clarity

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Urgent Call for Clarity: Vietnam’s New Visa Rules

In the rapidly changing landscape of global tourism, effective communication remains a cornerstone. As the clock ticks closer to August 15, Vietnam’s new visa rules loom large. Yet, a cloud of uncertainty hovers due to the lack of clarity on the specifics of these rules.

Current State of Information Availability

Despite being just around the corner, as of August 9, the Vietnam Immigration Portal, the official e-visa source, remains void of updates about the new visa policy. Consequently, foreigners, enthusiastic to embrace the new system, find themselves grappling in the dark, unsure about what awaits.

Impact on Tourism & Concerns from Experts

Call for Improved Communication

Martin Koerner, a prominent figure in the Vietnam Business Forum, voiced his concerns about the prevailing situation. “Better communication could have averted this unfortunate scenario,” he remarked, highlighting the uncertainty faced by prospective tourists and travel firms. His call to action? An urgent need for Vietnam to issue official guidelines and provide timely updates on their website, ensuring that those looking to navigate the e-visa system have a reliable information source.

The Risk of Miscommunication

However, it’s not just about missing information. The consequences of miscommunication could be far-reaching. Miquel Angel, CEO of the MQL sustainable travel solutions company, candidly shared that neither domestic nor international partners have clarity on the new visa extension policy’s requirements.

Such gaps in information aren’t merely procedural hurdles. Dr. Nuno Ribeiro, an integral member of EuroCham’s tourism committee, warned that the lack of official details could sow confusion among potential tourists, which could inadvertently affect Vietnam’s tourism influx. The silver lining? Vietnam’s visa relaxations symbolize a promising stride towards reviving its tourism sector.

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Vietnam’s Progress in Tourism

Previous Tourist Arrival Stats

The nation’s commitment to bolstering tourism is undeniable. Data from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism reveals that the country welcomed a whopping 6.6 million foreign tourists in just the initial seven months of this year. These figures account for an impressive 83% of the year’s 8-million target.

Predictions & Regional Comparisons

Many industry insiders predict that the visa extension policy could be the ace up Vietnam’s sleeve, particularly as neighboring Southeast Asian nations are becoming more stringent with their visa norms.


Change is the only constant, and adaptability is key. While Vietnam’s steps towards reforming visa rules is commendable, it underlines the importance of timely and accurate communication. As the tourism industry remains one of the most crucial sectors for Vietnam’s economy, ensuring clarity and confidence among potential tourists is paramount.


  1. When will the new visa rules take effect?
    • The new visa rules will commence on August 15.
  2. Where can one find official information on the e-visa system?
    • The Vietnam Immigration Portal is the official source for e-visa information.
  3. What is the potential impact of unclear visa policies?
    • Lack of clarity can lead to confusion among tourists and could adversely affect Vietnam’s tourism numbers.
  4. How many foreign tourists did Vietnam receive in the first seven months of the year?
    • Vietnam received 6.6 million foreign tourists during that period.
  5. How does Vietnam’s visa policy compare to other Southeast Asian countries?
    • While Vietnam is relaxing its visa restrictions, some neighboring countries are tightening theirs.
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