Tourists investigated for stealing 35 kg of food from hotel buffet

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The Great Buffet Heist: When Tourists Take More than Photos

Buffets are often seen as a symbol of opulence, a paradise for food lovers, offering a range of delectable dishes all in one place. But what happens when guests take their love for food a bit too far? This isn’t a tale of someone overeating but rather a case of buffet theft. And not just a small amount – we’re talking about 35 kilograms!

The Scene in Antalya

The sunny and vibrant city of Antalya, located on Turkey’s southwestern coast, is not just known for its historical architecture and pristine beaches but also its lavish hotels. One such establishment recently became the talk of the town, but not for the reasons it might have hoped.

Discovery of the Theft

A group of Russian tourists, probably hoping to savor the memories of their vacation a little longer, decided to take more than just photos. They allegedly stole 35 kg of food from the hotel’s buffet tables and stashed them away in their room. The audacity! But like most ill-thought-out plans, there was a snag. Their plot unraveled when they attempted to leave the hotel with their culinary loot.

What Did They Steal?

From dried fruits to several kilograms of apples, snacks, sweets, carbonated drinks, sugar, tea bags, and more, their stash read like a grocery list. Imagine the scene: butter wrapped in foil and the sight of suitcases bursting at the seams with food items. It’s almost comedic, isn’t it?

The Dramatic Confrontation

It wasn’t long before hotel employees caught wind of this escapade. A video that has since gained notoriety on social media showcased these employees revealing the stolen goods, pouring huge packages of food onto a bed for all to see. Imagine the shock, embarrassment, and perhaps the hidden smirk of some onlookers.

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The Rules of Buffet Dining

The Unspoken Etiquette

Buffets might seem like a free-for-all, but there’s an unspoken etiquette. Yes, you can eat to your heart’s content, but hoarding food, especially to take away? That’s a culinary faux pas.

Consequences of Overstepping

Many buffet establishments have clear policies against taking food out. Why? It’s not just about the cost, but it ensures everyone gets a fair share. Those who dare to defy these rules might face penalties, as this incident clearly showcases.

Not the First Time

The Expensive Buffet Incident in China

This buffet blunder in Antalya isn’t an isolated incident. Just a few months ago, a diner in China’s Guizhou had to cough up a whopping 45,000 yuan (around US$6,500) after getting caught sneaking expensive dishes out of a buffet. A costly mistake, don’t you think?

Other Notable Incidents

These two events highlight a growing trend. Perhaps it’s the thrill or maybe a misguided attempt to get more value for money, but the buffet ‘smuggle’ is becoming more common.

Social Media’s Role

How Viral Videos Impact Perception

The Antalya incident became a sensation largely due to social media. The viral video not only brought attention to the culprits but also sparked debates. It’s a double-edged sword, drawing both sympathy and criticism.

The Call for Accountability

Incidents like these, when amplified by social media, call for stronger accountability, not just from patrons but establishments as well.


Buffets are a delightful experience, a chance to indulge and taste a variety of dishes. However, there’s a line between indulgence and overstepping bounds. As the saying goes, “Take all you want, but eat all you take.” Maybe it’s time for buffet-goers to remember this adage.

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  1. Did the Russian tourists face any legal repercussions?
    • The police are currently working with the hotel to investigate the matter.
  2. Are buffet restaurants always against taking food out?
    • Most buffet restaurants have policies against taking food out to ensure fairness and prevent wastage.
  3. How did the hotel employees discover the stolen food?
    • The tourists were stopped by hotel employees while preparing to leave, leading to the discovery.
  4. What’s the general public’s reaction to such incidents?
    • Opinions vary, but incidents like these often spark debates on social media regarding etiquette and personal accountability.
  5. Why do people risk taking food from buffets?
    • Reasons can vary from thrill-seeking to a misguided attempt at maximizing value.