Two travel experiences in Hanoi, HCMC among world’s 25 best: Tripadvisor


Vietnam’s Tour Experiences Shine: Top Ranks on Tripadvisor

Travelers and wanderlust enthusiasts have spoken: Vietnam offers two of the world’s top 25 travel experiences, as celebrated by Tripadvisor readers. The vibrant streets of Hanoi and the bustling alleys of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) have charmed tourists, not just for their rich history and culture, but also for the unique and immersive tours available.

Hanoi’s Jeep Tour Adventure

Steered by Hanoi Backstreet Tours, this jeep tour has secured the 10th spot on Tripadvisor’s prestigious “Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best ‘Things to Do'” list.

Highlights of the Journey

Traversing the historic fabric of Hanoi, the tour takes participants through some iconic spots. This includes the Hai Ba Trung Temple, the enchanting Hanoi Train Street—renowned for its coffee shops practically kissing the train tracks, the structural marvel Long Bien Bridge, and the heartbeat of Hanoi, the Old Quarter.

But the journey isn’t just about sightseeing. A delectable street food meal awaits, followed by sips of delightful drinks at a rooftop bar.

What to Expect: Duration and Price

Designed to give a comprehensive feel of Hanoi, the tour spans four and a half hours and is priced at a reasonable US$55.

Whizzing Through HCMC’s Street Food Scene

Ranked 14th on the global list, the motorbike street food tour in HCMC, led by Saigon Back Alley Tours, is nothing short of a gastronomic extravaganza.

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Delicacies on the Go

With local students as guides, participants embark on a culinary journey spanning four hours. Along the way, they can indulge in some of HCMC’s street food gems: from the mouth-watering bun bo Hue and BBQ pork with rice noodles to the iconic banh mi sandwich. And for those with a sweet tooth, sugarcane juice, grilled banana coupled with coconut milk, crispy banh xeo pancakes, and a sweet soup dessert promise to be a treat.

Package Inclusions

Beyond the allure of food, the tour offers value with the inclusion of hotel pickup and drop-off. All this, and the promise of an unforgettable experience, starting from just $25.

Global Recognition for Local Experiences

While Vietnam’s tours have undoubtedly made an impression, it’s worth noting that the pinnacle of travel experiences this year is a full-day exploration of Oahu, the Hawaiian gem.

The Top Experience Worldwide

Recognition like this is no small feat. Tripadvisor’s awards are determined after careful scrutiny of both the quality and volume of traveler reviews and ratings. This particular evaluation spanned a 12-month period, starting from May 1, 2022.


Vietnam, with its multifaceted culture, history, and culinary wonders, has showcased that it’s not just about the destination—it’s also about the journey and experiences. As Tripadvisor’s rankings testify, when in Vietnam, you’re not just traveling; you’re collecting stories, flavors, and memories.


  1. Which organization runs the jeep tour in Hanoi?
    • It’s managed by Hanoi Backstreet Tours.
  2. How long does the street food motorbike tour in HCMC last?
    • The tour is approximately four hours long.
  3. What’s the top travel experience in the world for this year?
    • A full-day tour of the Hawaiian island of Oahu clinched the top spot.
  4. How does Tripadvisor determine its rankings?
    • Rankings are based on the quality and quantity of traveler reviews and ratings over a specific period.
  5. Are these tours suitable for children?
    • While both tours can be enjoyable for older kids and teenagers, it’s always best to consult with the tour providers regarding any age restrictions or suggestions.
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