UK boy band 911 relish Ha Long, Vietnam street foods


UK Boy Band 911 in Vietnam The allure of vibrant cultures, picturesque landscapes, and tantalizing street foods often draws celebrities and musicians to various corners of the world. Members of the UK’s renowned boy band, 911, have recently succumbed to this allure. While touring Vietnam, they couldn’t resist the country’s myriad of attractions, particularly in Ha Long Bay and Hanoi.

Ha Long Bay Adventures The majestic beauty of Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO heritage site, greeted the band members after their first show on September 10th. Have you ever seen pictures of limestone karst mountains protruding from azure waters? Imagine experiencing that in person on a luxury cruise. That’s precisely the treat 911 got.

For Spike Dawbarn, the bay offered more than just scenic beauty. Think about this: How would you feel, kayaking amidst nature’s marvels and playing golf in one of Vietnam’s exquisite courses? Overwhelmed? Elated? That was Spike for you. As he enthused, “Vietnam has so many beautiful golf courses.”

Accompanying Spike in these adventures was Lee Brennan. While paddling the waters of Ha Long Bay and trying various activities, he felt drawn to the serene beaches. Lee jested about Spike, saying, “Being outside for so long, he felt like he was about to melt like a snowman.” Brennan, enchanted by the country’s charisma, even contemplates bringing his mother to relive his experiences.

Hanoi Exploration Moving from the natural allure of Ha Long to the bustling streets of Hanoi, the band’s journey was akin to shifting from a peaceful countryside ballad to an upbeat city anthem. They ambled around Hoan Kiem (Sword) Lake, delved into the depths of the Old Quarter, and had their taste buds tantalized by the city’s street food. Ever tried bun cha or Trang Tien ice cream? If the band’s love for them is any indicator, they’re a must-try!

Jimmy Constable, the third musketeer of the band, was particularly smitten by the ancient charm of Vietnam’s capital. Expressing a sentiment we all sometimes feel when traveling, he said, “I wish I could visit Vietnam once a week to explore more.”

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The Legacy of 911 Formed in the bustling streets of London in 1995, this pop trio has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Whether you’re a 90s kid or a millennial, hits like “The Day We Find Love,” “Love Sensation,” and “I Do” must have echoed in your ears at some point.

A Mix of Culture and Cuisine If there’s one thing that the band’s trip emphasizes, it’s the seamless blend of cultural experiences and culinary adventures that Vietnam offers. Isn’t it magical how music and travel, two seemingly different domains, come together to create unforgettable memories?

Impressions of Vietnam When artists travel, they don’t just visit places; they imbibe their essence. From the tranquil beaches of Ha Long to the bustling streets of Hanoi, 911’s journey in Vietnam is a testament to the country’s rich tapestry of experiences.

The 2023 U.K. Festival But the journey doesn’t end in Hanoi. As ambassadors of music, 911 will perform in HCMC, marking the 2023 U.K. Festival in Ho Chi Minh City. And why this celebration? It symbolizes 50 golden years of Vietnam-United Kingdom relations. Isn’t it fitting that music becomes a bridge between two cultures?

Conclusion Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a travel junkie, or someone who savors culinary delights, the journey of 911 in Vietnam is a melange of emotions, experiences, and flavors. As they celebrate music, culture, and food, they invite us all to relish the beauty that the world has to offer.


  1. When did 911 visit Ha Long Bay?
    • They visited after their first show on September 10.
  2. Which activities did Spike Dawbarn particularly enjoy?
    • He loved kayaking and golfing.
  3. What street foods did the band try in Hanoi?
    • They tried bun cha (grilled pork with rice noodles) and Trang Tien ice cream.
  4. Where will 911 perform after Hanoi?
    • They will perform at the 2023 U.K. Festival in Ho Chi Minh City.
  5. Why is the 2023 U.K. Festival significant?
    • It marks 50 years of Vietnam-United Kingdom relations.
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