Vietnam Airlines to reschedule international flights over typhoon Khanun impact

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Vietnam Airlines Reschedules Flights Due to Typhoon Khanun

Natural calamities often have a significant ripple effect, affecting various sectors, including the aviation industry. The latest instance is the impending typhoon Khanun, prompting Vietnam Airlines to make necessary alterations to their international flight schedules to ensure utmost passenger safety.

Overview of Schedule Changes

As Typhoon Khanun approaches, Vietnam’s national flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines, anticipates disruptions. With safety as the top priority, flights operating between Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea might see changes in their schedules.

Specific Flight Adjustments

For Thursday’s flights, passengers should brace for the later departure of flights VN422 and VN426, ferrying between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to South Korea’s Busan city. Similarly, flights VN423 and VN427, commuting from Busan to the Vietnamese metropolitans, will also be postponed.

Conversely, four flights operating between Hanoi, HCMC, and South Korea’s Incheon are scheduled to depart earlier than initially planned. However, it’s not all bad news. Flights from South Korea to Vietnam on Thursday morning will stick to their original timings. Additionally, flights VN356 and VN357, commuting between Hanoi and Fukuoka, remain unaffected by the typhoon’s anticipated impact.

Status of Other Airlines

Vietnam Airlines isn’t alone in these adjustments. Several other airlines, anticipating the typhoon’s effects, have recalibrated their schedules. As a consequence, airports might experience congestion or delays, potentially causing unforeseen changes in takeoff and landing times.

Safety Over Schedule

While schedule adjustments might inconvenience some passengers, these changes underscore the airlines’ commitment to safety. Weather anomalies, especially those as unpredictable as typhoons, can make flying conditions perilous. By preemptively altering schedules, Vietnam Airlines is placing passenger and crew safety at the forefront.

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Passenger Assistance and Regulations

Understanding the potential challenges passengers might face due to these reschedules, Vietnam Airlines has assured the implementation of passenger support procedures as mandated by current regulations.


Travelers are advised to stay updated about their flight status and make necessary arrangements. While these schedule shifts can be momentarily inconvenient, they’re a small price to pay for the assurance of a safe journey.


  1. Why is Vietnam Airlines changing its flight schedules?
    • Due to the impending impact of Typhoon Khanun, which might affect flying conditions.
  2. Which flights have been postponed?
    • Flights VN422, VN426, VN423, and VN427 between Vietnam and Busan have been postponed.
  3. Have any flights been moved ahead of schedule?
    • Yes, four flights between Hanoi, HCMC, and South Korea’s Incheon will depart earlier.
  4. Are other airlines also making schedule adjustments?
    • Yes, other airlines are also modifying their schedules due to the typhoon, leading to potential airport congestion or delays.
  5. How is Vietnam Airlines assisting affected passengers?
    • Vietnam Airlines will implement passenger support procedures as per current regulations.