Vietnam approves tourism complex in northern highlands commune

Under the newly-announced planning in what local officials expect to transform the poverty-hit commune into a tourism magnet, the urban complex consists of three main areas.

The first area along mountain ranges in Y Ty would focus on developing luxury resorts, golf courses and ethnic minority villages that would be considered as the backbone of the entire complex.

The second area that lies to the east of Y Ty is poised to become a new urban hub with modern tourism services.

The third area to the west would be used to preserve the unique cultural identity of ethnic minority groups in Y Ty, mainly the Ha Nhi.

Provincial authorities also prioritize building a cable car system, launching pedestrian-friendly streets and planting more trees to minimize environmental impacts.

It expects to welcome 1.2 million visitors every year.

Y Ty, 70 km from the more popular Sa Pa, is a highland commune in Bat Xat District with complex terrain, divided by high mountains where ethnic minorities like the Mong, Dao, Giay, and Ha Nhi survive on farming.

Y Ty is known for its beautiful rice terraces fields and as a popular cloud hunting spot.