Vietnam has one of world’s 10 best stews: TasteAtlas

International cuisine magazine TasteAtlas has actually listed bo kho (Vietnamese beef stew), a prominent morning meal in the south, one of globe’s 10 best stews.

The meal includes ingredients such as diced beef, carrots, lemongrass, cinnamon, chili, pepper, garlic, and also shallots, all simmered in a spicy broth.

The stew is garnished with chopped eco-friendly onions, coriander and onions and also is always offered with banh mi (Vietnamese baguette) or hu tiu (rice vermicelli).

A dish of bo kho costs around VND50,000 ($2.13).

“In backwoods of Vietnam, the stew is typically much spicier than in urban locations,” according to TasteAtlas experts.

Thailand’s phanaeng, a kind of red Thai curry, was the world’s ideal ranked stew, adhered to by Kare (Japanese-style curry) as well as China’s Sichuan hotpot.