Vietnamese delights cast spell on American chef


Vietnamese Delights and an American Chef’s Odyssey

Vietnamese cuisine, with its delicate balance of flavors, fragrant herbs, and intricate techniques, has mesmerized many a palate. One such enchanted individual is American chef Chad Kubanoff. Let’s embark on this flavorful journey he took.

Initial Journey to Vietnam

In 2008, when Chad Kubanoff first set foot in Vietnam, he felt like Alice stepping into Wonderland. From the chaotic dance of traffic in Ho Chi Minh City to the mesmerizing smells wafting from street food stalls, Vietnam was nothing short of enchanting.

Culinary Discovery

“I could sit for hours on those tiny plastic stools, sipping on a piping hot bowl of pho, watching the world go by,” reminisces Chad. And while many dishes caught his fancy, the delicate balance of flavors in dishes like Banh Xeo and Bun Bo truly captivated his culinary soul.

Learning Curve and Mastery

Chad’s determination to master Vietnamese dishes led him to various sources of learning. With the help of YouTube and Thuy’s Guidance, he plunged deep into the world of Vietnamese cuisine. Every dish, be it the simple Banh Cuon or the more complex Bun Bo, became a lesson in patience, technique, and love for the craft.

Embracing Vietnam’s Culinary Landscape

Vietnam wasn’t just about learning for Chad. It was about embracing a culinary culture that was eons away from his own. On a rainy night, the Quang-Style Noodles Experience stood as a testament to Vietnam’s rich and diverse culinary heritage, waiting to be discovered.

Bringing Vietnam to the U.S.

Back in the U.S., Chad’s heart yearned for the streets of Vietnam. He channeled this longing by opening a Vietnamese street food restaurant. But for him, it wasn’t just about replicating dishes. It was about bringing the soul of Vietnam to the plates of his patrons, which meant sourcing Authentic Ingredients and staying true to traditional flavors.

The Return to Vietnam

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Chad’s story comes full circle with his return to Vietnam. As a Culinary Content Creator, he dived deeper into the nuances of Vietnamese cooking. Through his videos, he became a bridge for many overseas Vietnamese, connecting them to their roots and introducing others to the mesmerizing world of Vietnamese cuisine.


Chad Kubanoff’s culinary journey in Vietnam is a testament to the power of food. It can transport, transform, and transcend boundaries. And as Chad continues to experiment, learn, and share, he proves that food is indeed a universal language, connecting hearts across continents.


  1. When did Chad Kubanoff first visit Vietnam?
    • He first visited Vietnam in 2008.
  2. Which dishes stood out for Chad during his initial visit?
    • Dishes like pho, banh xeo, and bun bo caught his attention.
  3. What was Chad’s endeavor in the U.S. after his Vietnam visit?
    • He opened a Vietnamese street food restaurant, bringing authentic flavors to the U.S.
  4. How has Chad contributed to the global understanding of Vietnamese cuisine after his return to Vietnam?
    • He became a culinary content creator, making and reviewing traditional Vietnamese dishes, and sharing them with a vast online audience.
  5. What stands out about Chad’s approach to Vietnamese cuisine?
    • Chad blends traditional methods with creative approaches, and he often infuses Vietnamese ingredients into dishes from other cuisines, showcasing the versatility of Vietnamese flavors.