Now it’s official: Bernd Osterloh, VW works council head and supervisory board, is moving to the Group’s subsidiary Traton as Chief Human Resources Officer. His successor has already been determined.

He is considered the secret regent in Wolfsburg: Bernd Osterloh

Dhe long-time VW works council boss Bernd Osterloh is moving to the Traton subsidiary as HR director. The works council announced on Friday that the 64-year-old would hand over the chairmanship to his previous deputy Daniela Cavallo after 16 years. The employee representatives thus confirmed information from the FAZ from the previous day.

Cavallo (46) will thus become the first works council chairman at the group with around 660,000 employees worldwide. She should also take over Osterloh’s mandate on the supervisory board and presidium of VW as soon as possible. The necessary steps for their appointment via the registry court have already been initiated.

Cavallo, who was born in Wolfsburg in 1975, has been at Osterloh’s side on the works council since 2019. As the daughter of an Italian who came to VW in Wolfsburg as one of the first guest workers, she also represents the large group of migrants from southern Europe who are now the second generation to work at the Wolfsburg plant. As a new member of the Group’s supervisory body, she would have the chance to make a name for herself and step out of the shadow of her sponsor, Osterloh, in the election campaign that is about to begin. In the spring of 2022, two important elections will be held at Volkswagen that will cast their shadows in advance. The employee representatives are then elected to the supervisory board, and there are also works council elections.

Daniela Cavallo
Daniela Cavallo: Image: dpa

At the same time, the VW commercial vehicle subsidiary Traton announced that it had appointed Osterloh as the new Chief Human Resources Officer. “This task appeals to me,” explained Osterloh. “I want to shape the business again and, in the next few years, make a concrete contribution with my work on the Board of Traton SE to successfully master its path to becoming a ‘Global Champion’ in the commercial vehicle industry.

Osterloh has been with Volkswagen for 44 years and has been an elected employee representative since 1982. In 2005 he moved to the head of the group works council when his predecessor Klaus Volkert had to vacate his post in the wake of a bribery scandal.

Traton is headquartered in Munich and is responsible for heavy commercial vehicles in the largest European car company with brands such as MAN and Scania. Osterloh had already received offers to switch to the management side. At the end of 2015, he could have become the VW Board Member for Human Resources, but then turned it down.