Weselsky does not rule out train driver warning strikes on Whitsun

For the first time in the ongoing wage dispute with the GDL union, Deutsche Bahn submitted an offer on Monday. The representative of the train drivers reacted with sharp criticism.

Want to inform travelers in good time about possible restrictions: GDL boss Claus Weselsky

Dhe Union of German Locomotive Drivers (GDL) sees no basis for negotiation in Deutsche Bahn’s tariff offer – warning strikes are therefore more likely. “We are not only not satisfied with the offer, but we will answer it accordingly,” said union leader Claus Weselsky on Tuesday in Berlin. “I would like to say at this point that the probability of labor disputes has increased with this offer.”

The GDL now wants to comment on how to proceed by May 24th. Weselsky did not name a specific start of possible warning strike actions. However, he did not rule out any period, not even Pentecost. He stressed that travelers would be informed about possible restrictions in good time.

The day before, the railway had submitted an offer for the first time in the ongoing collective bargaining dispute, based on the deal that the group had already concluded in September with the larger railway and transport union (EVG). Among other things, it includes a wage and salary increase of 1.5 percent from next year and a term until 2023.

GDL had demanded 4.8 percent

In addition, the group wants to exclude operational dismissals for the contract period and will hire new employees “at a high level” this year and next, as Chief Human Resources Officer Martin Seiler said on Monday after the negotiations.

From the point of view of GDL, the group remains well behind the demands. The union had demanded, among other things, 4.8 percent more money and a one-time corona bonus of 1,300 euros. “The company continues to adhere to the fact that the management level is getting rich and the little railroader should be fobbed off with negative laps,” said Weselsky.

The railway criticized the statements of the union chief. “As of today it has been proven: the GDL boss apparently has little in mind,” said a spokeswoman. With its threats, the GDL deliberately accepts damage to customers and railways.