What does the esk employee suffer from? Surveys in companies point to errors f

Record low unemployment has contributed to companies making more of their employees. Do your best not to lose them, so that they don’t get confused by the competition. Internal surveys determine their satisfaction, motivation and loyalty. Barbora Dakov from the consulting and education company TCC reveals what follows from these eten.

Which darkness is most often repeated in surveys and who is the least satisfied? It turns out that women are not satisfied with their employment, regardless of the field in which they work.

Satisfied are manaei not people in executive positions. Usually people are in the corporate hierarchy, the more satisfied they are. The biggest differences in satisfaction appear in managers compared to powerful people in the dark, such as information and communication, the possibility of development and reward.

Satisfaction is related to age and how long people are in companies. The most frequent company and its employees criticize people aged 25 and 35. Those young, but also old, with birds et. As for the time spent in companies, it seems that those who are short in companies (up to 2 years), or relatively long (according to not 5 years), are satisfied.

It can be explained by the fact that while newcomers have to wear the same glasses, on the contrary, those seniors, if they do not leave between 2 and 5 years, simply get used to or find ways to achieve what you need. And it is not related to the conditions at work, but rather to the dynamics of our needs and preferences. After all, partnerships have a similar development and around the age of 5, people often break up or, on the contrary, close.

What’s wrong with people at work?

Among the most critically evaluated areas in Czech companies are traditionally top management, ie excited work. According to this, it is informed – employees complain that they are not sufficiently informed about the essentials and reasons for decisions made. And then there is often a lack of cooperation with colleagues, such as the company or between individual shapes.

In addition to these corporate topics, their correction is not so much about investments as about the transfer of management and ownership, then there is often dissatisfaction with the difficulties of development. To the question: Do you have enough baldness to give up and career growth ?, a number of people replied. The darkness is the dissatisfaction with the reward, many employees think that their salary does not correspond to the position and qualifications, does not resist the quality of performance, is not fair and motivating. And then there are the benefits. These people do not consider these good and motivating.

Recently, in addition to these traditional topics, there has been more and more opportunity to develop a personal and professional life. People are very excited and call for great space to engage in family, leisure activities and relaxation.

And are the people satisfied, on the other hand? Among the best rated ones is satisfaction with their first enthusiasm, the ability to do the work they do best, equipped with working tools and aids, and 70% of people are satisfied with the work of colleagues in their darkness and have close friends among colleagues.