When a company ott shakes a surcharge, ask for a discount

Getting a surcharge from an energy company can be a peripetia for a long time. Especially if you want a surcharge on the earth. It pays to know how to get your pension as soon as possible and, if necessary, get a discount.

After the death of her father, Petra wanted to help her mother with the transfer of gas at RWE and issue a payment for the past year. Due to doubts on both sides, the payment of estitiscikorunov surcharge lasted more than a year.

Inaccurate information in complicated

During the transfer of gas to Petr’s mother, in January this year, she completed the documents requested by a RWE employee. She reassured her that she definitely did not need the result of her childhood. A month later, an elephant with a saw saw, and his father died. Therefore, pensions could not be selected.

Petra goes to the customer center again. For the first half year, he had to do more than a tikrt. If they wanted to turn out the same document again. The fact that he had to provide proof of the certificate of inheritance due to the overpayment became known and at the end of June, when he was in charge with the claimed department. However, in the end, the employees of this department paid the surcharge only for the payment of a single claim.

According to the company’s press department and the first consumer advisory counsel dTest, the customer should always provide proof of the certificate of inheritance. “We are very sorry that the client received inaccurate information in our customer center in this particular case. However, we were quite satisfied in the end and the families went out of their way even though she had not yet delivered the necessary document, ”explains RWE regional speaker Linda Ekov.

You were to announce the change as soon as possible

She was therefore in doubt on both sides. On the one hand, the Pete customer center provided misinformation. On the other hand, Peter was supposed to proceed differently from the arrest.

According to RWE media relations specialist Pavel Grochl, the changes concerning the contract and the contracts can be announced within eight days, or at least as soon as possible. When Petra reported her father’s death and after those months, the company did not find out about the changes and sent the overpayment to the original customer, ie Pete’s father.

If you want to avoid such a lot, find out what is necessary for the transfer of the contract and the payment of the overpayment, from several sources. “Have the information you give me on the telephone line, even in person, have it confirmed in writing by e-mail. Send all the required materials by recommendation or have them confirmed by the company’s employees, ”recommends Martin Vernerov, the first consumer consultant at dTest.

Make a copy of each document, including any view. Then have it confirmed with the date that you pedaled this document in the customer center. If you will be sending the documents then, make copies and keep the delivery note. Let me know in the event of a complaint.

Then you can easily prove that you have done what is needed and what the company required. “Fulfilling these conditions is the duty of the company, and if it does not do so, it will be delayed with many consequences related to it,” adds Vernerov.

How to speed up the payment of pensions

It is good to know that for the proper return of the overpayment, the customer is entitled to years of delay. Therefore, if you prove that you are a child and you do not receive an overpayment in the amount of what is according to the elements of the dTest 14 days, you can file for years. According to Verner, in Petin’s case, the proof of his inheritance was especially complicated by the unprofessional approach of the company.

“For the period caused by RWE, it would therefore be possible to file for years out of delay. If the customer cannot prove that the information was incorrect, we recommend that you seek at least a discount from the standard price, ”advises Vernerov.


  • In the case of a dead order, the transfer to another person is possible after presenting the dead letter or after presenting the proof of certification.
  • If the new customer does not have a dead letter, for example, it is a new tenant of the apartment, who is not in a relationship with the deceased customer, he will support the declaration that he is entitled to enter into a contract for combined gas supply services at the given customer.
  • I will make the change to a new customer in person or in writing.
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