When getting up early is “real luxury”

Months of idleness, losses and the uncertainty of how things will continue: Short-time work should save jobs. But the situation is not always easy for those affected.

There is also little operation at Frankfurt Airport due to Corona - with short-time working as a result.

Vhe four days in a row: Anna Sander hasn’t worked that much in a long time. And although she suddenly had to get up again at 4 a.m. at the beginning of December, that was “a real luxury,” she says. The 34-year-old works for a catering company at Frankfurt Airport that supplies various airlines with food and drinks. Your job is to ensure that the trucks are loaded on time and leave on time to hand over the delivery to the aircraft crew.

The young woman, whose real name is different, would not have suspected that she would be so happy to be on the apron again. But when everything suddenly came to a standstill at the airport in the spring, her employer put her on short-time work: She didn’t work for three months, then two days a month. In the café where Sander has been working on the side for several years, there was suddenly nothing more for her to do in the first lockdown either. She is not doing badly, she has come to terms with the situation, she says. “But of course there are days when I’m very bored. When I start pondering how things will continue and whether I might lose my job at some point. “