Who is the best employer? Carmaker, glass, logistics company

In the traditional Sodexo Employer of the Year competition, this year is important. Pette, which companies scored in the evaluation, according to which criteria they were selected and for them it is good to work with them.

Companies that come out of the competition

The results of the Employer of the Year competition can play a role in deciding a candidate for which company they want to work for. Especially at the present time, when there are a lot of vacancies. The objectivity of the competition is ensured by the international consulting company PwC, which uses the globally recognized Saratoga methodology. Martin Hrka describes the method of evaluation.

What does the evaluated point to?
It is an objective measure of the competitiveness of individual companies in the given areas. The companies that come out of the evaluation are in good financial condition, have high labor productivity and invest in their employees, who are understandably satisfied with them. They are rewarded in such companies at the time and in addition to wages, they also have benefits. It is therefore possible that, as an employee of such companies, I will have little reason to compete with the competition and it will be a pleasure for me to work for such a company.

At the same time, the complicated situation on the labor market, when there has been no unemployment in the last 8 years, is there a competition for prestige?
Urit yes. Today, all companies, regardless of their dreams, work with their people as much as possible. Falling unemployment and, conversely, rising demand for further employment increases competition between individual employers, and they want to logically succeed in the race for new workers. The basis of the shower is good work with its current employees, without it it is impossible.

In what areas do companies compete with each other?
Let’s compare them in three indicators, which are divided into three long areas, where each of them has its importance and accordingly is based on the resulting score of the company. In the first area, there are things that companies can directly influence, such as the cost of employee benefits. The type of area is made up of indicators, which usually result from the overall personnel policy of the company and employee satisfaction, we should mention the degree of voluntary departure of individual employees. And this area shows how the productivity of individual companies and their employees is.

May the company about ast eat?
Yes, the number of astnk meziron has increased. We are very pleased that the next company is interested in this evaluation and the feedback it is trying to work with, and the results are visible.

Is the competition beneficial for employees?
Regardless of the specific location, it is a very good signal for every employee that first his company wants to stick together and compare with the best. We always monitor, within the competition, how individual companies work with their surroundings in the field of social responsibility. Let’s know how the current employees fight from them, or on the contrary, how much the new ones flock to them.

Code AutoVtz category Company over 5 thousand employees

The company koda Auto has experienced this year as the number one employer on the Czech market. The company dreams of taking care of its employees with a view to the future. It is our employer for life, to Bohdan Wojnar, only the board of directors of the Auto code for the field of HR Management, which has been a dark codec for thirty years.

According to him, the company offers professional and career development, the possibility of personal development, above-average salaries, a number of benefits and thus rely on a quality social dialogue. And behind the rush is a promising job offer for all members of the group, from the assembly line to the IT specialist.

Because the company expands production, it recruits new people to the sediment in Kvasiny. It will offer a total of two thousand new jobs. We are looking for hundreds of car mechanics, bodywork, sve, lakrnk, manufacturing and logistics operator. We are also looking for technically and professionally trained employees, for example in production and information technologies, adds Bohdan Wojnar.

AGC FlatVtz category Company up to 5 thousand employees

According to the chairman of the board of directors, Pavel edlbauer, AGC Flat’s rush is due to a solid approach to employees. The company has been operating in the glass industry since 1975.

We place emphasis on the social area associated with employee benefits. The standard is a week of extra leave, a contribution to the board, a free employee loan, guaranteed in the 13th and 14th salary and more. Another important aspect is the good communication with the trade unions, to Pavel edlbauer, who considers the employees to be a key factor in the company’s activities. A basic prerequisite for the effective functioning of the company is a sufficient number of qualified and motivated employees who can create a professional team, add.

At present, the company is looking for employees with an economic background. These are services to companies of the whole group from different European countries, where in addition to professional knowledge, especially of foreign ethnicity, a very good knowledge of the language is necessary. The second area is people with technical distance, electricians, bills or technicians.

GLSVtz company category up to 500 employees

Global Logistics Solutions is a subsidiary of the Foxconn Group. Provides warehousing and logistics services. And what is behind her hurry in competition? We are honoring the employees and we are giving them thanks to the constantly improving conditions for development, to HR manager Radka Svobodov and add: We are dreaming of improving the working environment. Let us focus on the employees growing and developing together with the development of the company.

The company is now looking for candidates for warehouse positions and forklift trucks. According to we are looking for process, warehousing and customs specialists and logistics. Even graduates without internships have open doors with us, everything you need is naume. The most important thing for us is that they are proactive and have the motivation to work, adds Radka Svobodov.