With the air taxi to the Waldstadion

Eintracht Frankfurt is converting the Waldstadion into a modern arena with a digital subsidiary. It’s also about robots.

Eintracht Frankfurt fans in the stadium.

Phe app to find a parking space before the game of Eintracht; a lawn that is automatically watered when needed; Robots that deliver supplies to the food stalls by themselves – the Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt is currently working on these and many other digitization projects. “We want to link the physical stadium with the digital world of Eintracht Frankfurt,” said Oliver Bäcker, Head of the Arena of IoT (Internet of Things) at the digital subsidiary Eintracht-Tech, during a discussion on the future of mobility, including Metropol , the regional business magazine of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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One of the practical applications for digitizing Eintracht is navigation in the stadium, explained Bäcker in the discussion moderated by FAZ business editor Daniel Schleidt. “We are also preparing to measure the current level of occupancy in the parking spaces.” This would make it easier for visitors to see where there are still spaces available. Christina Herzog, Marketing Manager at Hyundai Germany, is convinced that these parking spaces will continue to be needed. “We can see that a lot of people still want to own a car.”