With the ISIC student card, uette destky percent

The number of cinemas minus 10 percent, sitting in ajovn minus 20 percent, fitness center minus 25 percent, MS Office software minus 90 percent. And so we could go on. How to achieve this? Be young and get an ISIC card.

ISIC karta student

At public colleges, ISICs are basically everyone because they serve as the officially identified student ID card. It also works on the darkness of two hundred middle wheels.

If you do not use your bike, you can hand it yourself. For example, in Prague you can buy in 26 cities. You can find the list at www.isic.cz. If you are far from the contact point, you can have ISIC issued via the Internet at.

You need a card

  • enough about the issued card with a confirmation of study. The formula is sufficient and must be confirmed at nm. It’s not a card from the wheel. The confirmed bag must not be more than two months old.
  • Proof of integrity – it can be an ID card or passport.
  • Fotografii pasovho formtu.
  • 300 crowns to pay the license fee.

If you apply for the card electronically, you must have the necessary documents scanned.

The card is always paid from the 1st to the end of December of the following year, then you have to pay a new fee. Those who have a card as a collective identification card will get it cheaper: in the first year it costs 260 crowns, then they buy only the so-called revalidation stamp for 150 crowns a year. These are the highest prices that subsidize me.

At the moment, use the Czech card as a discount for more than 2,400 cities, but it is important that it also pays in the world – get discounts on it in 124 countries.

Examples of discounts


  • Nrodn Theater, Brno – 50 percent discount
  • Sttn Castle Lipnice – 50 percent discount
  • NKP Terezn – sleva 25procent
  • Rockopera – 40 percent discount


  • Holmes Place – sleva 20procent
  • Skiarel pindlerv Mln – 20 percent discount on season tickets
  • School Max Ski School – sleva 50percent v lyask kole
  • Zitky.cz – 10 percent discount
  • Segway point – discount and 1 + 1 free


  • Microsoft software – a 90procentnsleva
  • Tealearning.cz – 25 percent discount on ron online English course
  • Skivnek – 10 percent discount on language courses
  • Chaloupkov car wheels – 10 percent discount


  • Time Out – sleva 15procent
  • Helly Hansen – only 15 percent
  • Wearhouse – sleva 15 procent
  • e-frog.cz – 13 percent discount
  • Steilmann – only 10 percent


  • Librex – 10 percent discount
  • Neoluxor – 10 percent discount
  • Publishing service – 11 percent discount
  • Kanzelsberger – 10 percent discount


  • 15 percent discount on Student Agency international tickets
  • Rent A Car – 10 percent discount on powered cars


  • Pizzeria Einstein – two pizzas for the price of one unit
  • McDonalds – speciln menu


  • How to sweat – 20 percent discount

Travel and hostel

  • S Orea hotels – 2 for 1 pi hostel


  • FOKUS optik – 20 percent discount on spectacle frames
  • Fann perfumery – sleva 10 to 20 percent
  • Yves Rocher – sleva a 25 procent (od 1. 10.)