You do not have the right to repair for free, it still finds out the customer order

Petr from Brno shared an expensive character fridge. For a short time it stopped working. In the service, however, he found out that there is no need for a free repair or replacement of replacement debts. He unknowingly bought a so-called edivka, ie goods that were not intended for the Czech market. And not in that sm.

According to expert estimate

Traders with the same rate use exchange rates as well as the fact that the manufacturers do not have a uniform pricing policy. Buy branded products on your own at the market where they are the cheapest, both in Poland and Germany. And then sell them at low prices in Czech. While two were mainly mobile phones, today they also sell refrigerators, slingshots, televisions and goods. that it is edivky, but a number of traders before the customers secret.

Sweats naplench zkaznk build up

Find out, for example, and the moment you play a malfunction or the refrigerator of an authorized repairer. It always determines whether it is an officially imported product, which you find out according to the Sri Lankan salt or according to the fact that the product does not have an official grain leaf. Then refuse to repair the goods and contact the shopkeeper to file a complaint with him. In addition, he will want to pay the entrance fee.

“The number of people who have not bought goods have recently started to increase sharply. Let’s record three and five such cases throughout the Czech Republic. Customers are disappointed when the appendix found out that they bought a branded product that is not intended for the Czech market and thus got rid of the opportunity to have it repaired and replaced by spare parts free of charge during the order, ”to Vladan Nink, Sales Director of Kovosluby Praha, who provides service repairs of 80 brands throughout the country.

When you decide to pay for a repair from your pocket, it can be a path. “Replacing the engine of the refrigerator with work will cost you seven thousand crowns. In most cases, repair costs are around 20 and 30 percent of the purchase price of the product, ”explains Martin Hron, service director of Kovosluby Praha. “Even if we could repair the slingshot and the refrigerator and provide compensation, we wouldn’t break it. We are in agreement with the manufacturers. We do not want to support unserious traders, “Nink remarked.

You have to deal with the salesman from the bottom

“Imports are a completely natural consequence of the free market, from which consumers can benefit, mainly because edifice is cheaper and tends to push down the prices of official distributors,” said Martina Vernerov, head of consumer advice at dTest.

As he adds, customers can always first complain about such goods to the seller. Deliver the refrigerator and slingshot to the store’s address, but it’s not cheap and you’ll be waiting for the repair in 30 days. And you can find out that there is no place to complain. Some business companies have their own lives. Over time, they will launch their online store and start selling it under a new name.

There are also cases where you sell your goods to other merchants, boxes with Czech labels, printed text guides and finally sellers do not even have what they actually sell. Edivky can be bought not only on the Internet, but also in some stone shops.

Vol and even new feints. The low price of branded goods is justified by traders because it is slightly damaged. On the sides of the refrigerator or washing machine, then make a small amount so that the customer has the feeling that he bought the time. The price of branded goods is so attractive that the customer flourishes you even on a shortened bill of exchange by one year.

According to expert estimates, the Czech market will sell today and eight percent of goods and its share of official imports will increase to 30 percent.

Check what you are buying and invite the risk

And how to avoid the miserable edm of traders and possible complaints? get to know the goods by price, usually in extreme form. But it doesn’t have to be true in all cases. If you are shopping for goods over the Internet, read the terms and conditions and see if the merchant warns you of the overrides. “In the scales, whether to buy goods or not, it pays to include the failure rate of the goods,” advises the first.

If your retailer conceals that the sale of goods, the warning signal may be that Czech labels may be missing from the box of the delivered consumer. In this case, it is important to contact an authorized service center and have it checked for the actual salt or granular form.

If you find out that all traders have misled and the officially imported branded goods have sold the edict, you can file a breach of the purchase contract pursuant to Section 616 of the Civil Code and withdraw from the purchase contract and demand exchange for goods that are expressly intended for the Czech market. For goods purchased over the Internet, you must first withdraw from the purchase contract without any reason, within 14 days of receiving the goods.